What exactly are ‘blue balls’ in a man? Do they even exist?


We have all heard guys throwing around the term ‘blue balls’ to describe their sexual frustration. The term has actually been coined to loosely signify the painful feeling in a man’s testicles from prolonged sexual arousal without ejaculation. Even though it is not a medical term, it is still widely used to explain general frustration in men when they are not able to eject properly after the orgasm has been interrupted.

So, what exactly are blue balls?

First things first, even though this phenomenon is fairly common and may cause minor discomfort and pain, it is important to understand that it does not result in any permanent or long-term damage. It is often said that this situation is a result of a built up of semen in the testicles. When your body gets excited during any kind of sexual activity, blood rushes to your genitals leading to an erection. This can lead to trouble as a large amount of blood is trapped in the penis and testicles.

Thankfully, the scrotum doesn’t actually turn blue in colour. However, if the balls change colour, you should rush to a medical professional right away.

What are some of the symptoms of blue balls?

1. Pain in testicles

2. Discomfort

3. A heavy, aching feeling

How can you cure this condition?

One of the easiest ways to get rid of ‘blue balls’ is actually by getting an orgasm. Some of the other ways are using an ice compress down there and do some exercise. When you do exercise or start lifting, the blood starts flowing away from the balls and you start feeling a little better.

However, if you are not in the condition to do any of them, you just may have to wait it out. Your delicate bits may return to normalcy in an hour or so.