Video: Wanlov opens up about how Ghana Police is after him and why


The Police are after Ghanaian-Romanian musician, film director and cultural icon Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu, known by his stage name Wanlov the Kubolor.

Wanlov revealed that it is in relation to rape allegations against Chale Wote Festival Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mantse Aryeequaye who is instigating what he describes as an unlawful arrest

Mantse has been accused of physically and verbally assaulting the people close to him especially his ex-girlfriend, Dr. Sionne Neely who has released a statement revealing that she is prepared to come down to Ghana to testify against him.

According to Wanlov, Mantse Aryeequaye has sent personnel of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service after him but he still doesn’t know what crime he committed.
Wanlov has also accused the media especially Citi FM for ignoring the issue and pushing it under the carpet just to protect Mantse. .

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