Health benefits of Pineapple You Did Not know About


Research has proven that the sweetness of Pineapple comes with some amazing health benefits. See a few of them in our list of Health benefits of Pineapple:

1. It treats Arthritis: Pineapple is home to a rare proteolytic enzyme named bromelain, which is mainly linked with breaking down complex proteins and comes with effective anti-inflammatory effects.

2. It strengthens bones: The level of mineral magnesium in Pineapple is quite high.

3. It helps in decreasing the risk of hypertension: Doctors always tell hypertensive patients to eat Pineapple because it possesses potassium and a lesser amount of sodium.

4. It is good for heart health: Pineapple possesses bromelain which makes blood thinner and thus, decreases the chance of a heart attack and other heart-related diseases.

5. It fights cancer: It is home to antioxidants and vitamin C and they help in the battle against cancer.