Echo House Ghana Sued For Breach Of Contract?


Marketing Agency Echo House Ghana Ltd has allegedly been slapped with a breach of contract lawsuit over allegations it failed to honor a contract between them and Ms. Mawusi Wewobe, an art curator and artist agent.

Check out the write below.

Echo House Ltd and Ms. Mawusi Wewobe’s art gallery Defia allegedly had a working relationship that started from August 2018 when Echo House asked Ms. Wewobe to curate an art exhibition at the social media week 2018. Due to this working relationship, Echo House invited Ms. Wewobe to be the curator for the Voltic Twist Campaign on 14th January 2019.

She spent 9 months preparing for the campaign hiring 5 artists, which included an architect to work on the project.

In September 2019 Echo House and Ms. Wewobe started having financial issues which resulted in the agency sending her a WhatsApp message on 16th October 2019 terminating her contract on grounds she had no prior knowledge of. Ms. Mawusi Wewobe then filed a lawsuit against them for breach of contract.

According to the writ, Echo House Ltd agreed to pay Ms. Wewobe 70% of the agreed money before she starts work. When it was time to make their first deposit, the marketing company said Voltic Ghana Ltd paid them 40% to organize the campaign hence they could only pay Ms. Wewobe 40% instead of the 70% they agreed on originally.

Ms. Wewobe is asking Echo House Ghana Ltd to pay her Ghc3900 for special damages which is a refund of her own money that went into preparing for the project. She is also asking them to pay for damages for breach of contract, her lawyers’ fees and other damages the honorable court may deem fit.

Defia is the first and only art agency and gallery created in 2015 specially for emerging artists in Ghana after the founder Ms. Wewobe found out no gallery in Ghana concentrated on helping younger artists.

So far Defia has organized 15 solo and group art exhibitions for over 45 emerging artists in Ghana which she funded herself.