Your days are numbered for singing ‘One Corner’ – Man of God curses Patapaa

Your days are numbered for singing ‘One Corner’ – Man of God curses Patapaa

A renowned preacher, Prophet Kofi Oduro has called on God to visit mayhem and death on a young Ghanaian artiste behind the recently hit ‘One Corner’ song.

Prophet Kofi Oduro

According to the Head Pastor of Alabasta International Ministry, God has already cautioned in his word (Jeremiah 3: 8), to disown anyone who has no fear for adultery.

The man of God who was not happy about how some Christians have joined the fray in a sermon rubbished the motive behind the ‘One Corner’ song.

Prophet Oduro who was charged at his congregant cautioned choristers not to dance to ‘One Corner’ secretly and pretend to be saints at Church.

He also bemoaned the high level of hypocrisy that has overwhelmed modern-day Christian Churches.

The Prophet of God in his conversation said many Christians, especially Choristers and Ushers waggle their waists to ‘One Corner’ song happily at the homes and yet claim holier-than-thou at Church.

He added that God has already spoken in his holy scriptures about the likes of artistes behind “One Corner” song, and asked Christians to read as the Bible describes such persons as “fools”.

“Whoever sung ‘One Corner song, whoever is behind ‘One Corner’, my God is telling me to tell you your days are numbered. Mark the word of God because I have spoken”, Prophet Oduro cursed Patapaa.

Patapaa, the artiste behind ‘One Corner’ song

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