Young Ghanaian genius builds functioning excavator out of boxes

Young Ghanaian genius builds functioning excavator out of boxes

Some time ago, reported the story of a young Senior High School student who had created a miniature stadium with card boxes and the story went viral. Yet another discovery has been made and this time, a young Ghanaian boy has managed to build his own excavator out of card boxes and some medical syringes.

In a video sighted on, a young man was captured operating his very own excavator with some syringes. Many people watched on in awe as the miniature excavator exhibited the very same maneuvers of a ‘real’ excavator as we know it.

The young genius appeared to be seriously testing his invention when he was put to the task. In what appeared to be a breakthrough testing, the young creator managed to successfully ‘work’ his invention with finesse to the admiration of those gathered.

The never seen before invention beats the imagination of many as it is hard to believe how a machine would respond to commands just by the press of a syringe. It would appear that a lot of thought had gone into the invention judging by how it performs complex maneuvers.

There have been other inventions involving brilliant Ghanaian minds with one of the very recent ones being the story involving two brothers who had invented a 3-seater car.

In times past, technological innovations and inventions were things that were not associated with African countries due to the notion that many people held that Africa was a ‘Dark Continent’.

However, this notion is fast changing with the passage of time. It has even become a global debate that technology and inventions began in Egypt, Africa.

To this effect, many inventions have been discovered in the past in Africa and even presently giving a strong backing to the effect that technology indeed began in Africa.


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