Who We are


Who We Are

TwentyPlus Group of companies is a collection of creative brands into marketing and communications with specialty in event management, brand activation or experimental marketing, media and advertising, photography and Young Empowerment.

We over the past 5 years have contributed to the success of a lot of brands in the world. With over 50 experienced persons practically trained, we deliver the best of results to our clients. We are represented on all campuses in Ghana and extend to some campuses in Nigeria as we have expanded our wings there.

Again we has over the years dominated Ghana’s creative art scene with loads of initiatives which are all geared towards involving the Youth in Nation Building through Entertainment. We create unique tools to help you understand and shape your brand.

We can brag of having one of Ghana’s biggest network of the young (youth) and old (cooperate). At TwentyPlus Groups, we believe advertisement that targets not just the people, but their hearts and minds. We consciously make efforts to sell trusted brands to a market that is ready to accept what we present, and when accepted, lasts on the minds for a relatively longer period.

We are three times awards winning company.

  • GIA 2014/2015 Publicist of the Year
  • GTA 2015/2016 Event House of the Year
  • Winners of the Inter Event House Soccer GALA 2015/2016