Vivian caused my break up with my holland-based girlfriend – Yaw Dabo says

Vivian caused my break up with my holland-based girlfriend – Yaw Dabo says

We recently reported that Kumawood star, Yaw Dabo, plans to announce his wedding to his girlfriend, Vivian Okyere, soon.

In that report, Dabo said Vivian genuinely loved him and that he loved her too.

He rejected suggestions that Vivian was only after his money.

The actor said he could announce a date to wed Vivian very soon.

“It won’t be long at all, may be we can announce our wedding date,” he said.

Vivian Okyere

Now, we learnt that the media’s reporting of Yaw Dabo’s budding relationship with Vivian has led to the breakup of the actor’s relationship with his Holland-based girlfriend.

According to Dabo, the Holland girl, Albright, found out about his relationship with Vivian on the internet and thing ended between them.

“It became so public and you could see it on facebook and almost everywhere that I dating Vivian and it resulted in the break up with someone I started going out with – That’s Albright who stays in Holland,” the actor said in an interview.

Yaw Dabo apparently does not care about his failed relationship with Albrght, as he is determined to marry Vivian.

Meanwhile, cherished readers have been reacting to Yaw Dabo and Vivian Okyere’s planned marriage announcement.

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