Rapper says ‘boozers’ will go to heaven

Rapper says ‘boozers’ will go to heaven

Rapper D Black has stated that people who take in alcohol have a place in heaven because there’s nothing wrong with it.

The “Bottles” hitmaker made the statement on the latest episode of the “Delay Show”.

To him, drinking alcohol is not a sin, but the excessive intake is a vice.

D Black

Speaking about his religious life, the rapper indicated that he is a Christian but does not fancy attending church disclosing that the last time he went to church was some eight years ago.

“I actually can’t remember [the last time I went to church]. It’s been a while. I’m not a big fun of attending church; I have a pastor I speak to almost every week.
I pray every single day of my life but attending church is not what I do regularly. I can proudly say the last I went to church was my birthday eight months ago. I’m a Christian, but I don’t go church as much.”

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