How To Make Your Social Media Pages Shine

How To Make Your Social Media Pages Shine

Do you want to turn your social media page into an effective marketing tool that will help build your brand, get your message out there faster and also connect with your customers? Well, it isn’t that difficult, but it’s time consuming and takes a lot of effort and know-how.

Here are some free resources you can use to develop your social media marketing.

Your Voice: Your voice here refers to your brand persona. A brand persona is the collection of a business’ personality traits, values and strength. Characteristics your customers can relate to and bond with easily. So your brand’s voice must be first and foremost professional, then lively and quirky. Another aspect of your voice is your tone. Your tone should be adjusted depending on your audience and channel, as long as the messages you are sending across is consistent and lies in tandem with your brand persona.

Style: Your social media style is one of the first steps in creating your social media presence. Your style should revolve around your brand identity, telling your story of who you are to your audience and what your brand represents. There should be consistency in your style across all your social media channels. You have to create a style guide to keep your messages consistent.

Images: Did you know that the human brain processes images about 60,000 times faster than it does with text? You need to attract and keep existing and potential customers attention with catchy images. Did you also know that Facebook posts with images get 2.5 times more engagements than plain texts and tweets with images are re-tweeted 150 more than text-only tweets? Choose your profile pictures wisely because they are very important.

Are you looking for perfect images to go with your posts? Try these free sites; Pixabay, FreeImages, Stockvault, Picjumbo, PicMonkey and Canva.

Content: Content is the key part of your social media. It is the “Super” in Superman.  You can google “tips for writing more shareable content” to help you write effective posts for your audience or visit Social Media Examiner for practical suggestions on how to write content that will generate leads. You can also try content idea generator if you are not sure what to write about.

Posting Strategy: To make your social media marketing very effective, you have to merge your brand’s persona, style, voice, tone, images and content with a clear posting strategy. To determine your posting strategy and schedule, you have to define what type of content you plan to use ( morning quotes, engagement posts, promotions, press releases etc.) and how often you plan to post each type.

Your posting frequency depends on your social media goals, type of content you produce and how you want your audience to use your social media channels.


You have to do a lot of research but it’s worth it in the long run. And, hey there’s always an easier way and that is to hire me.

By Elorm Kwame Sangbey

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