DKB criticizes Afia Schwarz and Funny Face

DKB criticizes Afia Schwarz and Funny Face

Mr. Derick Kwabena Bonney, popularly known by the initials DKB, has criticized fellow comedians Afia Schwarzenegger and Funny Face for what he sees as their making the institution of marriage pointless.

Mr. Derick Kwabena Bonney, popularly known by the initials DKB

According to DKB, the entire scandalous affair between Afia Schwarzenegger and her estranged husband, Lawrence Abrokwah, seems like an elaborately staged affair involving nudity the two planned together.

Speaking on TV3’s friday afternoons entertainment show, the well known comedian said several things the two were heard saying on their controversial video made him suspect the authenticity of its content, calling it “a very sensual stage play that involves nudity”.

“How are you caught cheating and the only thing that comes is, I borrowed money to do the wedding?” Asked DKB, and adding that, “And the guy too, you see in the heat of the moment, the first thing you say is the truth”.

DKB said that when Lawrence Abrokwah said, “Afia, is that how you are and you came to marry me oh no, I came to marry you” on the video – according to him – it raised doubts in his mind.

Touching on the issue of fellow comedian Funny Face’s recently publicized marital issues, he concluded that marriage had begun to looks more and more useless.

“So for me, I think people should keep their marriage stuff to themselves because it makes the whole thing dreadful…Is really spoiling the name of marriage, I mean my brother’s wife, for instance, Fanny Face’s wife, coming out to say he is a two minutes man,” he said.

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